How do you know if you’re really ‘seeing’ all of your BIG and little data?
Are there any new data relationships that you can use to your advantage?

Skipping the jargon, we automate the mining of your ‘structured’ numeric data and ‘unstructured’ text data to find the relationships you need to know about.

This gives you the confidence to make the best data-driven decisions possible.

What we do

Text mining

We mine and analyze any text, audio or video data through an ontology-based algorithm created specifically for your business. Read more...

The benefit to you
Your data is automatically formatted into the subjects that are most important to you as if you were reading the text and segmenting it manually. And, it is not limited to keywords, sentiment, categories, entities or Natural Language Processing (NLP). We crystallize exactly what you are looking for.

Data mining

We have been using proprietary A.I. based machine learning software since 1999 to mine numeric data. Read more...

The benefit to you
We automatically mine your data and create 1,000 models/second in search of new data relationships that are not intuitive. This is particularly insightful when you are mixing data from different sources. We crystallize models in minutes that better explain and drive your business.

Data support

We can manage your data on an outsourced basis or supplement your in-house resources.

The benefit to you
We can handle your data acquisition, hygiene, profiling, scoring, scraping, hosting, archiving and dashboards. If you have an internal IT staff and facilities, we can send the output from the work above to your staff and if not, we can handle it for you.


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