Data acquisition

To compliment your internal data we can acquire external data via surveys, focus groups, 3rd party vendors, online scraping and digital trawling of numeric, text, audio and video sources.

Data Incite

Once your data is processed through either or both of our mining products, we can output the results into any format you require. This can include populating your internal CRM platforms with the data on an ongoing (monitoring) or project basis.

Data protection

Our work will comply with all international, domestic, local and organizational data protection requirements. Country dedicated cloud servers will be utilized to host, process and analyze your data which will be encrypted and password protected.

We help drive effective business change.

We do this through the application of predictive data mining through best-in-class machine learning to find unique and challenging relationships between customer’s actions and responses. We help discover what
they say and do and the complex, subtle, circular cause-and-effect relationships between what a business does and what customers do, and then applying these powerful insights to make effective change.

What we do


A different approach. Our approach.

Most text mining approaches focus on keywords and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. We’ve found this can be limiting (classifications are often constraining and keyword matches are often ‘blind’). Our approach incorporates a contextual, linguistic analysis and ontology-based sorting/structuring/scoring routine.

By combining these unique methods to process your data we can perhaps uncover new trends, issues and opportunities that you would otherwise not ‘see’. We call our text mining product Search Incite.

We offer continuous monitoring, processing, analysis and hosting of your CRM, email, social media, survey, focus group, web trawling, audio and video sources so there is no burden on your IT resources.


New relationships. Unique visualization.

Our data scientists use a suite of applications – regression, decision trees, neural networks – along with our proprietary machine learning software to mine data for new, non-intuitive relationships.

This software utilizes a data mining/modeling technique called genetic programming to test every possible variable combination in search of new predictive incite.

This testing process automatically builds 1,000 models per second, saves the best model, integrates it into the next generation of 1,000 models and repeats the testing process. At the completion of 100,000 models, the variables that “survive” this testing process make up the final model algorithm. The code from that model algorithm is then used to score (rank) client records. We call our data mining/modeling product Model Incite.

We offer our Model Incite product on a project or subscription based on your specific needs.


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