Was It Good For You Too?

80 percent of companies believe that they give a good customer service whereas only 8 percent of said customers would say they had a good experience…wait, what?

I’ve been trying to get my head round this statistic all week and I still can’t seem to come to a logical conclusion. One of my theories is that we are all just too polite to give an honest response, and that 8% is just a representation of how many people aren’t afraid to really have a good rant. Personally, I know that when hiding behind my keyboard I would be happy to scorn a supermarket, but when face to face with a man and his clipboard I would cower and give the basic response of “It was Fine”.

Theory number two, people love free stuff. So many online surveys would be completely ignored if they didn’t dangle the opportunity to win a free holiday right in front of the customer’s nose. The customer may then think that a bad review won’t win them the holiday, and so give an average review that neither boosts nor harms their chances of winning.

Theory number three, Ignorance is bliss. Companies work on targets, they give themselves a target and if they hit it then they celebrate, simple. But, the problem with this is that a lot of these companies are quite content in just hitting fairly easy targets, instead of trying to push past them. If they are making a profit and hitting goals then they will perceive this as good, but they should attempt to be great. The analysts will tell them they hit they’re target this month and are doing fine, but will fail to mention any of the customer complaints because who cares when they’re making money? But the problem when the company is happy, because their score is good, and the customers aren’t, is that those small niggles the customer has may just grow and grow into a big problem. It’s like a loose thread on a jumper, it starts small but eventually that small thread will pull and pull until you’re topless.



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