The Angry Mouse Clicker

We’ve all had the same experiences when it comes to technology; whether it is having to resist putting a fist through your screen, screaming into a pillow as “Error 43” blinks on and off, or nearly crushing the mouse as you accidentally click on another one of those infuriating pop-up ads. But, in a recent study it has been shown that some very smart scientists can actually “detect the presence of negative emotion”-in my case a satanic rage- with an accuracy of 82% through analysing your mouse movements and tracking the speed and smoothness of your movements.

When thinking about this statement it actually seems pretty simple, looking back to the times I was angry with a computer (about an hour ago) my mouse movements were erratic, harsh and a snapped pencil has now come to rest in the corner of my room, but now I’ve calmed down my mouse movements are smooth, calm and collected (how long this lasts, nobody knows).

The more interesting part of this research is what it all means for the analysing species of the business world; the boffins of the corporate society now have the ability to actually know how you feel about their beloved website without even having to ask you a question. It’s sort of a mouse Morse code; two rushed, angry clicks equal bad and one soft, patient click is good. This technology may prove to get the most honest answers to whether people like their website. Before the Mouse Analyser 3000 or whatever they’re calling it, analysts would’ve been cooking up endless questionnaires to ship out to the general public, but now all they have to do is take a look at your clicks and translate them to angry or happy. (Don’t know about you but I feel all dirty knowing someone is looking at my clicks and swipes).

To conclude this little collection of words, think before you click because there will soon be a person in a little room somewhere who knows far too much about you purely from how you move your mouse.

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