I’m extremely happy with this solution. This will provide us with the clarity and discussion points to talk about our changing business week on week, which is precisely what I was aiming for.

Director of Insight, department store chain

“We had a GREAT meeting with the client this morning and they love our plan. Thanks for making us look so smart with data!”

Account Director, ad agency

“As always, excellent response and support.”

Research Director, insurance firm

“MineTech provided us with information that helped us optimize our revenue stream and improve our client satisfaction levels.”

SVP, publishing firm

“MineTech helped us solve a unique business issue with ease. Their approach was highly professional and showed great responsiveness throughout the whole project. Even after the project was finished they provided support above and beyond my expectations.”

VP Marketing, global hospitality firm

“MineTech is an incredible resource and a collection of true experts. I have come to rely on MineTech for help with business issues ranging from complicated data analytics and customer insight challenges to web-based customer interaction strategies and applications. “

CIO, auto manufacturer

“MineTech not only turned on a dime to help us out with a tight timeline, their people worked over the weekend to ensure our Monday morning launch was successful… and it was. A great, service-oriented team.”

SVP, global polling firm

“MineTech provided us with a business intelligence solution that is simple to implement, scalable to our projects needs, and provides the data selection results that can’t be duplicated by other more expensive and labor intensive software. It was impressive to watch the data models being created without human intervention. Other solutions we examined required highly skilled statisticians to create even a single model”

VP Marketing, online retailer