TAY the Tyrannical Tweeter

Microsoft had to back-pedal pretty quickly after they uploaded the first artificially intelligent twitter account. The multi-million dollar company wowed the online world when they introduced “TAY” to twitter, intended to be the first ever A.I twitter account that was designed to adapt and develop her language system depending on who she was talking to. The initial evidence was extremely promising with TAY proving on multiple occasions that she could kick back with the millennials or hold a debate with anyone who doesn’t use emoticons. Sadly, the new born tweeter fell victim to the trolls of the internet, and once she started talking to these trolls she was quickly moulded into a complete monster.

We’ve all seen Terminator and we know just how brutal an A.I can be, but imagine if while trying to kill Sarah Conor, the big bad robot was also a colossal racist. Yes, Microsoft’s artificial wunderkind after only a few days had been influenced so much by trolls that she soon became a racist, Hitler admiring, anti-feminist monstrosity. The fun fact of this story is that TAY worked perfectly in Asia and it was only in western countries that she mutated into the abomination that even Trump could be proud of.

Now, you may be wondering why the story of TAY is on a business blog, but with a bit of tweaking and maybe a 2 week period where she is taught right from wrong and all the other social etiquettes that most of us are taught as children, I think she could become the perfect receptionist. She would be able to politely respond to the nice customers and point them in the right, and then she could also give a good tongue lashing to the more obnoxious ones and point them in the direction of the door.

The first issue is that she could only be used to respond to emails or run the businesses twitter account (Virtually every business has twitter now) and wouldn’t actually be able to be on the front desk, but she’d still save someone a lot of time and hassle. The second issue, and this really is quite a big one, is that if she has a few tough days and has to deal with some particularly prickly customers, she may have another break-down and go on a rampage similar to that of her first twitter experience; she would of course have access to all the business’s tweets and emails, just think of the damage she could do with that.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a more and more prominent topic of today and it can no longer be seen as a mad scientist’s or a sci-fi nerd’s pipe dream. Artificial intelligence is not only our future but it’s also creeping into our present; seeing as there are countless examples in cinematography where A.I is badly used I think it’s only right that we start thinking of jobs for it to do where it won’t have an urge to enslave humanity. TAY the receptionist is a far nicer thought than TAY the racist.

To finish off, I think it is worthwhile saying that Microsoft did not see TAY’s behaviour as a failure and more as an unforeseen hiccup. No one was fired and instead they have taken TAY back to the workshop where they can show her how to function properly in the big bad world and teach her not to hang out with the naughty kids that make her say bad things.

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