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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Are you a bright minded inventor with an idea that you think will make our day that little bit easier? Yes? Well, don’t. It sounds cruel, but unless your invention or idea will have some sort of legacy that can’t be outshone or over shadowed within the next few years then there is really no […] [...]

By MineTech | May 31st, 2016 | , , , ,

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Experience vs. Energy

It is an ongoing argument within the business world; does the new perspective of a younger view outweigh the experience of the old dog?  When I think “Businessman” I generally see an older man with a leather brown briefcase and a pinstripe suit, but what if I should be imagining a young man or woman in their […] [...]

By MineTech | Mar 7th, 2016 | , , , , ,

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