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Who’s Afraid of Facebook?

  Facebook recently released a rather long list of all the information and data they record about their users, and it is pretty terrifying. I was going to start this article off with a scary analogy about how our current world is slowly starting to look very similar to that of a post-apocalyptic utopian nightmare, […] [...]

By MineTech | Sep 27th, 2016 | , ,

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Cannes Job: The Facebook (Data) Invasion

The New York Times: “Google and Facebook have upended the old order by taking ownership of the new one, claiming nearly two-thirds of the $60 billion online advertising market last year and on course to take more this year … Therefore, the word of the week in Cannes was ‘duopoly’.” “While Google has usually been […] [...]

By Tim Manners/Brand X Ventures | Jun 28th, 2016 | , , , ,

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The True Cost of Good Content

Jesse Weaver:  “We want our web and we want it for free. However, the inconvenient truth is that there is a cost to doing business and at some point companies have to make money …. And so we sacrifice the magic. We devalue content and products by refusing to pay for the work it takes […] [...]

By Tim Manners/Brand X Ventures | Apr 22nd, 2016 | , ,

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