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Who’s Afraid of Facebook?

  Facebook recently released a rather long list of all the information and data they record about their users, and it is pretty terrifying. I was going to start this article off with a scary analogy about how our current world is slowly starting to look very similar to that of a post-apocalyptic utopian nightmare, […] [...]

By MineTech | Sep 27th, 2016 | , ,

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Cannes Job: The Facebook (Data) Invasion

The New York Times: “Google and Facebook have upended the old order by taking ownership of the new one, claiming nearly two-thirds of the $60 billion online advertising market last year and on course to take more this year … Therefore, the word of the week in Cannes was ‘duopoly’.” “While Google has usually been […] [...]

By Tim Manners/Brand X Ventures | Jun 28th, 2016 | , , , ,

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