Sexy analytics

Now for a slightly lighter hearted piece, well to be honest none of the previous ones have been cutting edge journalism but oh well. I have come across some interesting information that will put a smile on the face of every Data Analyst you’ll meet, it turns out that being a Data Analyst is apparently the sexiest job of the 21st century. Personally I don’t see it, but what do I know, maybe women all around the world are yearning for a pale man who spends all his time in front of a computer screen analysing Facebook comments and retweets (Says the pale skinned ginger sitting in front of his computer).

I mock the idea, but after a bit of research you can sort of understand why…sort of, just keep in mind that it doesn’t mean “Sexy” in the traditional sense.

A data analyst works with huge amounts of data and is either working to interpret it, write the algorithms or take in the statistics. All of which have special names for the job, whether you work with the Interpretation, Algorithms or Statistics, you are a Creative Person (Would have thought they could have a cooler name), Technologists or a Statistician respectively. A good data analyst earns around $125,000 straight out of school, and then can double that within a few years, but the reason that a data analyst is so sexy is because they are in such high demand.

Of course these data analysts are working with huge amounts of data in stocks and large corporations, not just sieving through the reviews at the local supermarket. So if you do sieve through reviews, don’t read this and storm into your boss’s office demanding a $100,000 raise, it won’t work. Instead, try and get some training in data analysing and if you have a talent for it, switch jobs.

There are very few college or university courses that lead down the data analysing path, and so when a company comes across a person with the skills needed to be a data analyst, they are snapped up faster than you can pronounce Statistician. This is why it is “Sexy”. With data becoming a huge part of businesses, the need for analysts that can make sense of it all and communicate their findings is through the roof. They are sexy because companies are drooling over the idea of having a brilliant data analyst, they are the rock stars of the data world and if they are especially good can quite easily climb the corporate chain and earn big bucks. An issue with such high demand is that it is not uncommon for a good analyst to walk out of a job towards bigger and better things (money) and so many positions are filled by underqualified people.

Tableau Software is attempting to combat this problem by developing software that allows any old Tom, Dick or Harry to identify big trends in data. This sounds like a wonderful idea, but we are all too familiar with the greater issues when putting your faith in a computer. I still haven’t forgiven my TiVo after it deleted the last season of Game of Thrones. Despite the great technological developments, a human mind will always be needed to see and interpret the patterns of data.
So in conclusion, if you are a data analyst, don’t go flaunting your job to women at the local bar, because your job title doesn’t make you sexy to them. Your job makes you sexy to Hortonworks, Teradata Data Lab and any other company that works with data (Lucky you).

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