MineTech provides a new breed of Customer Experience (CX) analytics. We automatically listen, read, analyze, trend and index everything about your products, company and industry. We call this our Data Incite Process. By adding your sales data to this analysis, our data scientists develop a predictive view into what really drives your customers, prospects and competitors. This support is offered on a monthly subscription basis.

    DATA AQUISITION – to compliment all of your internal data, we offer:

  • Online and offline surveys
  • Online and offline focus groups
  • Web trawling (via internet aggregators)
  • Social media site monitoring
  • Mobile communities
  • Call center (audio and video conversion to text)
  • Email (direct or batch feeds)
    DATA ANALYSIS – to find the “Incite” in your data:

  • Data hygiene, variable appends, profiling, list rental
  • Predictive text mining via our ontology based algorithms – (Search Incite)
  • Predictive data mining using artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques including our genetic programming based GMAX software – (Model Incite and Medical Incite)
  • Scoring database records with model algorithms – (Gscore)
    DATA ARCHIVING, AUTOMATION & DISPLAY – to easily use and store your data:

  • Data warehousing/hosting/archiving on our cloud servers
  • Cloud based dashboards to provide 24/7 ad-hoc and formatted reporting – (Scan Incite)
  • Full integration and automation of all your data sources on our servers
  • No client side IT requirements or burden