Case Studies

Online Retailer Ad Evaluation


The client knew this was their best ad as it drove over $800K+ in sales but they had no idea why?

Online Retailer Ad Evaluation 2

Online Retailer Ad Evaluation 3



This was one of 28 different ad templates the client used. We developed a subject ontology that included all of the products the client offered. We also created a subject called Buzz which was all of the text that held an ad together and a subject called Style which was any accessorizing text the client put in the ad. We then processed a year’s worth of ads through the ontology, overlaid the revenue from each ad against the subject percentages and templates.


Based on this ontology, we determined that the subjects Buzz, Brand Name and Style are what drove sales. We also reduced the 28 templates to 7. As a result, every ad has a central product (i.e. Boots) but is always combined with accessory items to increase incremental revenue. The client is now also creating profiles of customers who buy the accessorized offers and targeting them for unique specials.

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