Natural Language & The New ‘Living’ Room

Wired: “Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are all racing to build systems that recognize and truly understand natural language—how you and I talk. If they can put this technology not only in your living room, but in your pocket and elsewhere, they can become the hub of everything you do online. Google wants to retain its central role in your life. Amazon hopes to move well beyond online shopping. And Microsoft doesn’t want to be left out.”

“But as these companies develop services for speech recognition and natural language understanding, they’re also using many of the same underlying technologies—loosely called deep learning—to build all sorts of artificial intelligence. They will slip this AI into their own apps, and offer it to a world of other companies via cloud computing services so that these companies can build AI into their own apps. In the years to come, AI cloud services may wind up as the biggest business for these three tech giants.”

“Amazon was the first to market, and developers are building services for the Echo. Just this week, Google announced it will tie Home into third party services. But Microsoft is better positioned to compete here than it has been in other markets. It is competitive in AI as well as in the cloud. And it has a voice-powered platform that can feed those services both customers and data.”

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