Experience vs. Energy

It is an ongoing argument within the business world; does the new perspective of a younger view outweigh the experience of the old dog?  When I think “Businessman” I generally see an older man with a leather brown briefcase and a pinstripe suit, but what if I should be imagining a young man or woman in their mid to late twenties simply carrying a smartphone and a USB stick, wearing jeans and an un-ironed shirt their mum bought them last Christmas.

There are obviously pros and cons of both; the younger generation may see a new way of solving a problem, but you have to deal with them tweeting constantly or taking pictures of their food. While the older generation has the experience and sometimes it’s the old ways that work best (They wouldn’t have lasted so long if they didn’t work), but you have to deal with the subtle racism and bewilderment around new technology. There are perks to their inability to work with technology though, seeing an elderly man on the bus tell SIRI to go f**k herself is a fantastic thing to witness. I think while you’re reading this you all know the conclusion that this debate is going to reach.

Of course, the best would be a mixture of both experience and creativity, but the problem then faced is that the CEOs and directors of companies would have all gained that position by years of hard work and therefore there wouldn’t be many young minds influencing the big dogs at the top. These young stars may be able to progress relatively quickly up the business ladder but by the time they’re near the top their sparkling brains have already been tainted by the dark underbelly business itself. In a perfect world I would suggest having some sort of system where companies have younger business minds working with the directors or managerial positions in an attempt to inject a bit more colour.

A great example of a similar system, or at least having a mix of younger and older employees, is Google. Google is a multi-million dollar business that is continuing to grow and succeed and when I think of a Google office I think of a horde of post-graduates with colourful hats and space hoppers for office chairs. My vision may be a slight exaggeration, but Google work on injecting life into the known methods of business by the mixing of old and new. Having an open minded older figure working with a group of youths may be the perfect way of creating the perfect, or near perfect, modern business. Crazy new ideas that are moulded and polished by the sage advice of the experienced overseer… or babysitter.

So to conclude, it shouldn’t be experience vs energy but instead experience & energy. They aren’t, and shouldn’t be, mutually exclusive but instead should go hand in hand and work together to flourish.

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