Captain Sully Sullenberger

January 16, 2020

11 short years ago, Captain Sullenberger showed the world what a “bad day” at the office can really be like. He then proceeded to turn that pending disaster into the “miracle on the Hudson”. Listen … Read more...

If they can do this for donuts!

September 20, 2019

While transformations are never easy, if we focus on “why not” versus “why”, it is exciting to think of what we could do for our companies, products, careers and lives.

Perhaps a breakthrough on the PTSD curse

September 10, 2019

Medical researchers have discovered a blood test which may provide an early indicator of PTSD in combat troops. Just over two dozen biomarkers have been identified out of a field of one million which may hold the key to predicting who is most at risk for the disorder. A successful test could also hopefully reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems in the military.

Who stays and who goes!

September 10, 2019

In a unique application of machine learning researchers have developed a “Quitting Risk” model. The developers claim their model successfully predicted 63% of people who were “most likely” to leave their jobs. This has lots … Read more...

The cost of privacy

August 27, 2019

Despite all of the concerns about online privacy, it appears that consumers will trade their information for a good deal.