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How Do I Know When OK Isn’t Good Enough?

When a major bank wanted to understand what was it that made a customer into an advocate and quantify the impact on branch performance it meant listening to thousands of customers talking about their experience in their own words.   A major South African Bank needed  to understand the differences in what they offer and […]

By MineTech | Apr 19th, 2016 | ,

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Call Center Monitoring

Issue: While call center satisfaction scores from club members were average, this client was trying to improve them across shifts. Solution: As you can see from their ontology subjects, they tried to breakout every possible negative issue to isolate and fix them. However, we discovered that the “Positive – Individual Kudos” comments were the #1 […]

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Online Retailer Vendor Evaluation

Issue: The brand buying department for this client was trying to decide if they should order more product from a specific vendor. They wanted to analyze their internal and online feedback but could not align those sources for an accurate evaluation. Solution: We developed a text mining ontology which included all of the subjects that […]

By MineTech | Apr 19th, 2016 | , , , ,

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What Did I Say Wrong?

When a new ad was met with violent abuse on social media the retailer needed to understand just what had gone wrong and what to do about it fast – do we cancel the ad? The Issue A major South African retailer launched a new ad campaign with a celebrity chef but in days the […]

By MineTech | Apr 19th, 2016 | , ,

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Negative Customer Experience

Issue: Client wanted to analyze customer feedback across all touch points, regarding negative experiences with their company to isolate the problem areas and prioritize their response to those problems. Solution: We created a text mining ontology that included all of the problems that customers had complained about in the past. Next we processed all of […]

By MineTech | Apr 19th, 2016 | , , ,

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Online Retailer Ad Evaluation

Issue: The client knew this was their best ad as it drove over $800K+ in sales but they had no idea why?   Solution: This was one of 28 different ad templates the client used. We developed a subject ontology that included all of the products the client offered. We also created a subject called […]

By MineTech | Apr 18th, 2016 | , , , , ,

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The real Voice of the Customer in real time

A major Australian retailer determined to put the voice of the customer at the centre of the business needed a consistent measure of customer experience across the total estate and by branch and format.

| Apr 15th, 2016 | ,

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