Predictive text mining


Our predictive text mining solution Search Incite, utilizes an intelligent sort algorithm which combines linguistic analysis and automatic contextual pattern matching so it understands how words are used in a sentence versus relying on keywords. The sort algorithm is called an ontology and is composed of words, terms and phrases that are integrated into subjects which are customized to your specific requirements. In short, the ontology reads data and sorts it exactly the same as you would if you were doing it manually. And, unlike the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique which most text mining solutions use, Search Incite is not limited to only positive, negative and neutral text classifications.

We refer to all of the data that gets processed through your ontology as “Incite” and all of the data that does not get processed into one of your ontology Subjects as “Incite+”. We often find that Incite+ automatically finds new trends, issues and opportunities that you were not aware of.

Additionally, by converting your “unstructured” text data into numeric “structured” data via the ontology and combining it with your sales data, we can create statistical predictive values for your text subjects. This will help you predict which text based data elements are driving your sales.

Now, all of your social media, survey, focus group, call center audio/video data, websites, blogs, e-mail and letters that make up the Customer Experience, can be automatically integrated, processed, displayed and stored on our cloud servers so there is no burden on your IT resources.