Predictive data mining


MineTech’s data mining platform Model Incite, utilizes all of the available data mining and modeling from regression to decision trees and neural networks. Our data scientists also use a proprietary data mining and modeling software called GMAX, which is powered by an artificial intelligence technique called “genetic programming”. Our Medical Incite product utilizes GMAX to mine and model medical, heathcare and health insurance data.

GMAX automates subjective tasks of data testing variable selection by creating new combinations and algorithms at a rate of 1,000 models/per second.

Our objective is to mine your data deeper and faster, while helping to explain the results in terms that both stat and non-stat can understand.

GMAX is ideal for quickly mining “BIG DATA” and displays new relationships in your data via easy to understand tables. When we finalize the predictive model, your records are automatically scored by the model algorithm and delivered in any format you require. Our process takes weeks, not months to complete, so that your Customer Experience (CX) objectives are quickly achieved.