(Retail strategy/consulting)

Grant’s work has centred on the development of customer focused strategies and processes that are practical, delivering significant, measurable sales and profit benefits, Customer Experience, Category Management, Store Specific ranging capabilities and loyalty programmes that put the customer at the heart of the business decision making processes.


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(Mobile based market research)

MDI delivers quantitative and qualitative ‘in-the-moment’ and longitudinal research via a range of mobile solutions and big data. MDI is focussed on progressive technology-based tools that make research more ‘real’ and enjoyable for consumers, while making high quality consumer insights more affordable for businesses.

(Data hygiene and appends)

Focus USA is a leading provider of Direct Marketing Solutions with a proven track record of over 20+ years. We assist brands to acquire, retain, enhance and reactivate customers by providing quality and responsive data. By leveraging our extensive data intelligence we are able to “identify, target, engage” customers through consultative marketing strategies and analytics, our clients experience significant growth while keeping costs in line with their marketing spend.

(Data integration and IT support)

Proximo Consulting Services, Inc. is a provider of business and technology services to companies of all sizes. We work with our clients as partners. Our approach to developing solutions begins by examining business processes first.

(Market research support)

Helping clients’ optimize their marketing performance by developing and deploying innovative technologies to create and analyze information that drives results.