Data Off-Base: Insight in the Age of Trump

The New York Times: “So when Mr. Trump won the election last week, an industry that prides itself on always knowing what motivates and excites the American public was in a state of shock. Marketers now find themselves asking serious questions about how they study consumers, use data and quantify the value of facts — questions about the fundamental nature of their business.”

“Sarah Hofstetter, the chief executive of the digital agency 360i, said the disconnect between Mr. Trump’s win and the predictions from polls and forecasters threw into question ‘the rules of market research,’ traditionally rooted in surveys, interviews and discussions with focus groups in controlled settings.” She comments: “It’s a wake-up call. One data set is not going to give you the full picture, because with people, what people say is not always what they think or what they do, whether intentional or not.”

“At the same time, advertisers are prepared for a new period of second-guessing any customer data, whether it has been gathered internally or supplied by the brands they work with … Some marketers have been left wondering if facts and reason matter less than they expected — a counterintuitive discovery in the age of information.”

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