2016 Data Science Report by Crowdflower

Earlier this year, we surveyed data scientists from all manner of organizations. We wanted to know what best sets them up for success, what their biggest challenges are, and where they see the discipline evolving in the next five years. We compiled it all in one handy, free report which you download right here. A […]

By Gregory Piatetsky - KD Nuggets | Apr 16th, 2016 | , , , ,

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Gray Market: Boomers are Booming

Gray Market: Boomers are Booming The Economist: “Today the developed world is in the early stages of a ‘gray-quake.’ Those over 60 constitute the fastest-growing group in the populations of rich countries, with their number set to increase by more than a third by 2030, from 164m to 222m. Older consumers are also the richest […]

By Tim Manners/Brand X Ventures | Apr 14th, 2016 | , , , ,

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